11 March 2014
Pray for MAS MH370 victims.

09 December 2015
Congrate En. Nazari Hj Akhbar being appoint as President of AMH (Association of Malaysian Hauliers).
02 March 2017
We have achieve ISO 9001:2015.
30 July 2011
Federal Shipping & Forwarding Agency Sdn. Bhd. has achieve ISO 9001:2008 status. Click here for more detail.
15 Jan 2011
New FEDSHIP.COM website launched.

Our Fleet & Facilities
Our business is built upon an impressive fleet of over 180 vehicles and 596 trailers complete with 32 side-loaders. To ensure that we meet the demands of every customer, our fleet comprises a range of vehicles from 1-tonne trucks through to 40-footer trailers. We work closely with experienced body builders and market leaders to achieve fleet specifications to optimize both operational efficiency and reliability.

Through regular maintenance and continuous investments, we ensure that our fleet is constantly kept in top-notch conditions. Our fully-equipped, workshop enables our fleet to attain quality repairs & maintenance at any time. This thus gives us a real advantage when it comes to responding quickly to your business urgency and preventing any costly, disruptive downtimes.

We combine flexibility and high levels of customer service to ensure that, whatever challenge your business faces, our fleet is fully equipped to meet it. Our customers demand the best of us; hence we have to demand the best of our fleet.

Trucks & Trailers
All trucks benefit from satellite tracking systems and all our drivers are equipped with mobile telephones, enabling our fleet to be easily contactable . The tractor and trailer fleet is upgraded and expanded on a regular and consistent basis to ensure the company remains well placed to provide a fast, efficient and effective service. We have added 45' trailers into our fleet to meet the demand of our customer. The cost per ton or per delivery is more efficient with more goods delivered in each load. All drivers are highly competent, stringently recruited and thoroughly trained to be excellent ambassadors for both the company and its customers.

The Sideloader
We pride ourselves as the one of the largest operator of sideloaders. The benefit of this vehicle is that it requires only one person (who both drives the truck and operates the sideloader) to load, transport, off-load and transfer a 20' or 40' fully loaded container. This modus operandi allows the customers to keep the containers at their premises for as long as required.

Situated in the heart of Port Klang, our warehouse has a total floor space of 350,000 square feet. Our facility is absolutely state-of-the-art, equipped with CCTV facilities that enable us to remotely monitor and view our warehouses. Combined with our 24-hour manned security, FSF warehousing facility offers storage in a safe and controlled environment.

Our warehouses can also be tailored specifically to meet the customers requirements and if required we can custom built from Greenfield. Currently 2 warehouses are allocated to 2 customers for their exclusive use with us providing the Management and System. All Material Handling Equipments and Manpower will also be provided by us.
Our land banks are strategically located within the vicinity of Northport and Westport and will be most suitable for building of Distribution Centres for Domestic Distribution. If you have any requirement, please contact us for a mutually beneficial discussion.
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