11 March 2014
Pray for MAS MH370 victims.

09 December 2015
Congrate En. Nazari Hj Akhbar being appoint as President of AMH (Association of Malaysian Hauliers).
02 March 2017
We have achieve ISO 9001:2015.
30 July 2011
Federal Shipping & Forwarding Agency Sdn. Bhd. has achieve ISO 9001:2008 status. Click here for more detail.
15 Jan 2011
New FEDSHIP.COM website launched.


We are committed to provide superior total logistics solutions to customer by :

Consistently meeting or exceeding our customer’s  expectations for quality service and performance;

Timely delivery and services to meet our customer’s requirements;

Promote a work culture that achieves company targets through safety behaviour, and environmentalawareness;

Continuous improvement of our processes and systems; and

Ensuring our personnel are constantly trained to enable better customer services.
Company Mission

To provide a complete range of services to enhance our customers supply chain and add value to their products

To continuously improve our business processes to further boost the efficiency & effectiveness of our operations

To deliver exceptional value to our customers by combining quality service with competitive pricing

To regularly upgrade our facilities and systems with the latest technologies to improve productivity

To develop a network of effective and reliable partners in both the domestic and international scene to better serve our customers needs.
Includes a commitment to continual improvement of the quality management.

Company Vision

We strive to be the best and most efficient Total Logistics Service Provider delivering Superior Logistics Solutions to help our customers gain a  competitive advantage in the market.
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